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Wats hattnn ladies!!.....Lol!

I'm JP. I don't really sound like that, anywho first and foremost I appreciate you sliding by my profile. Secondly, I didn't do what they they said I did...lmao!

I know that some PEO might be like that is some sick a** sarcasm. But in the first place, you really gotta attach to something that has the least bit of humor in it. If that makes some sense, if not, screw it. It wasn't meant for you to understand, fr because I ain't really got no time to try and conform to any ones apprehensions as far as this site is concerned.

Look I've been down for a while now and as of now I really focus on "building". For example, for the past 2.5 years, I have been dedicating my time and effort to how to strategically play the stock market.

Alright, ladies if you would like to know a lil more about me, hit me up, preferably on the JPay. That writing a letter to be a bug, fr because they like to play with our mail here, so there is no telling when I will receive your letter. Lol! They play on the Jpay interaction as well, but there is just a better chance of me receiving a pic or message, that's all.

Alright I'm gone I feel like I've been bumping my gums too much. Hit me,  you never know where this could take you. You might at least make a friend for life if nothing else.

Food for thought . .. Simple apprehension denotes no more than the soul's naked intellection of an object-- Glanvill