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I’m determined to live on a path of wisdom and need your advice.

I was doing pre-reqs for R.N. when I received my first and last felony and prison sentence. I am attaining my Business Degree at a 2-year college, transfer to California State when I’m set free and work in law.

I don’t have any face pictures of myself at the moment. People say I resemble the lead singer from the Bangles. I’ve converted to Judaism. Shamitz is my maiden name.  My pet peeve is cussing. I play rhythm guitar to music. I’m learning to read chords. It’s challenging.

I feel and look like I’m 35. 50 is the new 30, right? Tell me about yourself; what’s your sign, religion, pets?, retired? Are you smart and never married? Do you have a sense of humor?

I confessed to one thing then I got accused of things I did not do. I didn’t think it was wrong, I’m her mother. I signed a plea deal with a P.D. There should be a significance for a single mother. I’ve taken self-help groups, counseling, learned self-worth, what is considered intimate, what is ok, and what is forbidden.

I would love encouraging thoughts and understanding when someone’s been on their own since 17 and abandoned by family. We sometimes do not make the best choices. I hope to hear from you.

May God’s angels guide and watch over you.

Thank you, Aerin