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Hello, I pray and hope all is well over your life's wonderful journey. My name is Maurice Bailey, born on December 26, 1989. Capricorn's up! Ultimately flawless and fearless, my physical incarceration is due to domestic violence. I'm straight and open to any friendships of any sorts. I'm non-judgmental, nor do I discriminate amongst anyone. I'm open-minded to all knowledge, wisdom, and courage. I'm willing and able to comprehend any insight, clarity, and understanding of all aspects of life.

I'm down to earth, and my sense of humor has a strong tendency to run wild. Outta this world, there's never a dull moment in my life. I love to laugh, joke, and put smiles on others, which is very therapeutic. I'm extremely outgoing, caring, faithful, loyal, with outstanding morals and values. I'm 5'10" and 185 lbs, athletic physique, full of white light, a bright smile, and dimples. I have very long locks and a bronze caramel complexion. My personality and character ethics are beautifully founded. I love people; I'm such a people person.

I enjoy traveling, long walks, socializing, networking, and I'm an animal lover. I enjoy change and prosperity with clean, constant, and consistent communication and faith. It is possible to accomplish spiritual and communication with the forces. Furthermore, to contact me, please go to Send me emails with phone numbers and addresses. I'll receive the email within 24 hours or less in the mail. I'll then call you immediately. I'm very proactive and consistent with cooperating. Feel free to send photos with emails. Also, feel free to write me through postal mail at the address below.

Thank you all very much for the love and concern behind these walls. I highly appreciate the time and consideration.


Mr. Bailey