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To message me right away instead of waiting for a letter, please visit or download the Securus app and sign up for e-messaging. Then you can text me on my tablet. Yes, we have tablets in prison now.

I'm 32 years old, single, and have no kids. I have beautiful nieces and 3 nephews. I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and a whole lot of cousins. Family is my motivation. Skateboarding and snowboarding will forever be something I do until I physically can't. I moved out to Phoenix, Arizona, to pursue my dream of going pro playing hockey. After that didn't pan out, I attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and became a certified audio engineer. Music is my true passion. I love to write songs and listen to music. While incarcerated, writing has helped pass the time. I've read more books than I can remember. I'm a sneakerhead for real, most likely will never wear the color orange after I'm released, lol.

I'm just looking for someone to talk to and keep me company. Who knows, maybe even meet in person when I get out. I feel like everything happens for a reason and our time on this earth is very valuable. That's why time is the one thing that can be taken from you and you can't get it back. That's a hard lesson I've learned being locked up, but lessons are blessings. I hope to hear from you!