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Hello to you my new found friend,

How can this SMB get to know you personally? You must be willing to go the extra mile, show others that our friendship is worthy. Many people don’t realize that a real friendship is all about trust….and you will be able to trust me with your ups and downs.

Don’t think for once that I will use any situation we share with each other for gain. My long-term goal is to make sure our friendship lasts as long as you want it. I only want to learn what makes you happy. If you are happy then so is our friendship. I love to smile and eat. I would love to know what makes you smile. Tell me what days are like with you, and how my letter can make your days better.

There must be a way a SMB can embark in your life. The only way he can do that is for you to show him the way to have a life with you. I enjoy listening to people’s days so I can help them enjoy it without a headache, but with different things going on in our lives we must stand shoulder to shoulder and defeat whatever comes our way.

I know you’ve heard this saying around you, “Two heads are better than one”, so two shoulders are better than one in this case. How can we be the number one friendship in the country? Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. That friend you once had is gone, open up that computer now, I’m here.

Clifton Rivers