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Hello :)

I'm searching for fun and interesting people out there who enjoy a good conversation and would love to share their thoughts and experiences with me:) I am honest, open and genuine. I'm looking for similar qualities in others.

I enjoy painting, drawing, languages, working with leader dogs for the blind, studying art history, learning about life from people I meet, I have inked skin, and my favorite holiday is Halloween:)

I am an oddball and I'm happy with that:) I would be very boring otherwise lol.

Our differences add layers of interest that are fun to discover!

I just turned 36. I have been locked up since I was 17. So, I didn't get to live much before I came to prison. Which is why I would really enjoy talking with people who have lived a life far different than my own!

Spanish is my second language. There is more to me than this short profile:)

If I seem interesting to you, email me at the email carrier listed below.

I look forward to meeting you!