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Hey you,

I'll keep this short and sweet until we greet. I've been gone for a little bit now but I'll be getting out this August. It's like my life's reset button has just been pushed and I'll be starting all over again. I don't have any kids or ties with anything or anyone like this and I'll be paroled to a place I've never been to. So it is an exciting feeling knowing a new beginning is here but not really knowing what fully awaits if that makes sense to you.

And because I'm starting new I want to meet someone new so hey you, LOL! I'm interested in having longer friendships that could follow outside these fences. Despite my criminal record, LOL! I'm really a genuine dude but you know sh*t happens and you roll with what comes with it.

I'm an open book and will discuss any topic with you. If you think you can vibe then hit me up and let me know a bit about yourself and we'll go from there. May your searches turn to lasting friendships.

PS - You can e-message me on the Securus app and find me by my name and facility (Ryan Garcia #08763163 @ Texas Dept. Criminal Justice - Hamilton unit)