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Hello world!

Looking to meet and correspond with anyone interested in making a new friend over a few laughs and lighthearted moments. I'm an easy-going, honest, and straightforward individual who doesn't take myself or others too seriously. I like to laugh and joke about almost anything. I'm looking to meet someone special who might click with my personality. I've learned the value of friendship and really getting to know someone over frothy dreams of romance. I'm open to friendships of all types. I wouldn't mind finding a romance in my future but for now, I'm enjoying getting to know people from Hungary, Brazil, and Finland. Would love to meet pen pals from more European countries or maybe some local friends from right here in the USA.

My interests include weightlifting, running, and workouts of all kinds. I'm very active and physically fit. I'm a singer/songwriter. I purchased an acoustic guitar I play with writing music in my cell. I also enjoy music, movies, and the great outdoors. Hiking fishing and camping are things I see myself doing as soon as I'm released. I love animals. Cats, dogs, and horses are some of my favorite animals. I'm currently working as a dog obedience trainer here in the prison and I'll soon have a dog I'm training living with me in my cell.

If you'd like to write and get to know a fun-loving, good-natured person, please respond to this, or I can be reached by email at

Have the very best day :)