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To whom this may attract, or be of interest. Thank you for your time and consideration visiting my profile, as I would like to you a blessed and great day, one that is filled with SPIRITS and BLESSINGS of JOY, PEACE and HAPPINESS.

Secondly, I would like to utilize this golden opportunity through the services of WriteAPrisoner.com hoping to meet a MATURE ADULT WOMAN, one that is willing to share equality in interest and energy in becoming FRIENDS or FAMILIARS through correspondence, penmanship or JPAY emails. As this profile is without prejudice, seeking to meet those from ALL walks of LIFE, CULTURE and EXPERIENCES hoping that will ensure I don’t miss out on an adventurous friendship or possible blessing, as loneliness kills the heart and burdens the spirit.

Please know, I am a very spontaneous person, compassionate and extremely loyal. Although I do impose a competitive nature and challenging spirit. Leisurely, I’m okay with relaxing and enjoying the company of family and those of my interest.

In closing, my aim in this brief introduction is hoping to connect with a positive minded WOMAN who may be willing to stand firm with balance in the everyday struggles of life, acknowledging the truth in knowing beside every GOOD MAN stands a GOOD WOMAN, also knowing that, “A STRANGER IS JUST A PERSON YOU HAVEN'T MET YET”. Whether your response be POSTAL or EMAIL, please include a return address as I look forward to hearing from you soon. May GOD BLESS YOU…