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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit about me.

Like myself, no one is perfect and we all have made mistakes in our lives. Yet, despite my current situation, I have a lot to give of myself and would love the opportunity to build a potential friendship with you, if given an honest chance to. We all have a story and I’m hoping that you might be interested in learning about mine as well as sharing yours with me.

Everyone could use someone to talk with and I would love to be that person for you. Although, I am currently incarcerated, I have always been a good man. I’m sincere, funny, down-to-earth, unselfish and always positive. The one thing I ask of you is to keep it honest with me because I will with you. I’ve seen a lot and done a lot so you shouldn’t worry about sharing with me. I have never been a judgmental man.

There is so much more to me than a bio can tell you. I look forward to showing you who I am.