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Ladies, I am a young King who’s been lost and has finally found himself and strived and survived what some could not and would not. I am seeking companionship with somebody who’s real. I’ve dealt with people who’ve exhausted my emotions and left me frequently losing focus of the goals I established. My ideal companion would be someone I gain motivation and inspiration from when I’m unsure of situations that take me back to who I once was. I need a female friend that I can build with and be vulnerable with as well as inspire me to reach my fullest potential as an author of several erotic novels I have in motion to get published.

I signed up for this because in the past misplaced loyalty left me showing love to those who only talk about love but never show it. My lifestyle is love, loyalty and war. Love is the mission, loyalty is the religion and war is the lengths I would go to protect and provide so that we can survive. I believe in ample opportunities and infinite chances, but do you?