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My name is Victor, and I am a single father of two beautiful girls. I was born in a beautiful Venezuela and lived in the city of Newark, New Jersey. I am genuinely honest, spontaneous, and I like to think that I am modest. I have always been a better friend to others, than what they have been to me, and I have always given more than what I have gotten in return. Nevertheless, that has not stopped me from extending my hand and giving of myself freely. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, I love laughter and enjoy good company.

I am seeking friendship with someone who has joy, a good sense of humor, someone whose spontaneous and independent. Someone who is active and can match me in energy. Is that you? I surely hope so.

It is my earnest desire that you could look beyond these bars and give us an opportunity to become good pen-pals and get to know each other. If you're interested in making a meaningful connection, you're welcome to contact me.

Perhaps, we could look back and remember that we found a beautiful and meaningful connection in an unexpected place. If you have come this far, you can come a little further. I look forward to meeting you.