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First and foremost, I appreciate you affording me the opportunity to bring you all inside of my world and vice versa. Let's be honest with one another, everybody we've allowed into our lives, be it good or bad, we've afforded them the opportunity to deem themselves worthy of our partnership and loyalty, but it was the experience that we held onto.

With that said, that's what I'm asking of you, to afford me the opportunity to deem myself worthy of your partnership and loyalty, and I promise you I'll never do anything to dishonor our bond. Not to mention I'm a ton of fun. I love to experience new things with the goal of bettering myself and those around me.

I love to read, learn, write, and create music. To date I'm currently writing my first novel. To be truthful it's been a challenge, but just like my current situation I'm going to overcome it also. Because I know that God will never bring us to something that He couldn't bring us through. Believe that so adjust your crowns cause all problems are temporary.

I'ma leave y'all with this. Let's build one another up as a team versus breaking one another down as individuals, that's too easy. We can have so much more if we were to share knowledge and words of wisdom with one another.

You ever had somebody in your circle, but they weren't in your corner? If so, how did you feel?