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Well hello my beautiful community, I must say that it's truly a blessing to have stumbled across this website. But before I go any further in this introduction, let me explain who I am.

My name is Beyond. I'm 44 years of age, my birthday is 6-2-79. I'm currently incarcerated, and this is my 25th year. I'm very spiritual- which means I have never been a religious person. I have no limit on my thinking or beliefs. I love all my people, it doesn't matter which category (we) fall up under (I accept all races/genders). It doesn't matter, the reason why we all have that deep fire/passion burning within our lower chakra. So, I'm willing to correspond with anyone willing to take the time out and respond to my introduction.

For one I can only say so much. And two you wouldn't believe your luck. Now let's get into as far as what I'm searching for. I'm looking for companionship and loyalty. I wouldn't consider that asking for too much. So, if you're willing to respond it can be an email, which I'll receive within an hour after you send it. Or you can respond with a handwritten letter. Either way I'll respond back. Shout out to all my TG's.

Truly submitted,