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Hello ladies,

My name is Michael Sanders, I was born October 9th, 1980, I'm a Libra. I'm 42 years of age and I'm serving a 3-year sentence for selling drugs and possessing a firearm. I've been incarcerated for about a year now and my release date is January 4th, 2025!

I have a GED, didn't get to finish high school, got myself kicked out. I attended a Community College in my city and acquired a 1-year business certificate. I'm from Canton, Ohio born and raised, and I have 3 beautiful baby girls. I have a set of twins that will be turning 18 next month, and my baby girl will be 11 in January!

While serving this 3-year sentence I'm taking this time to get my mind, body, and soul together, for I can be a stronger man for myself, my children, and my future woman.

I would love to meet and build/connect with someone special while serving this time. Looking for an open minded, beautiful, smart, sensitive, and ambitious woman I can communicate with. Someone that can be my light through this dark journey I'm going through!

Thank you,