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Hi, thanks for stopping by to check me out.

I've joined this site in the hopes of finding new friends or to just meet new people to talk to. Things can go wherever we want them to, the ball is in your court now that you've completed the first step by reaching out to me. I'm hoping to find positive people who are genuine and honestly hope to see me do better.

I'm a great person who just happened to stumble, I've made mistakes that I'm not proud of but I'm wanting change and it starts with me wanting better for myself and the people I choose to associate myself with. I get out around the end of this year so I feel like right now is the perfect opportunity to start reaching out in hopes that I can find good friends to build bonds with while I'm at my lowest.

I'm 6' even and I weigh 230. I love everything outdoors, I like to read, work out and I enjoy a good laugh. I'm a tattoo artist as well as a carpenter. I love music, I'd actually prefer music to TV. I'll be home soon and I'm hoping to connect with someone so hopefully something great is in the stars for me or us.

Just hit me up if interested, you'll have to download the Securus app if you want to contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.