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DeRone Huffman-King 366059 photo
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Am I the one? Well, are you looking for someone to appreciate your worth? Are you looking for someone who can admire your beauty? Are you looking for someone who will be attracted to your whole essence?

Then I'm the one to devote the time, effort, and attention that is required to know how you like to be treated so I can put my best foot forward for you. It's my nature to please people I bond with, which is developed by trust and getting to know each other.

I am a tall, generous, and creative racial chameleon who is inspired by beauty and enjoys reading/writing letters. I spend time drawing, exercising, watching ESPN and 90-day Fiancé. I have ideas that can come alive with a lady to push/ inspire me which can benefit us upon my release and beyond!

You have a good chance; I will be released sooner due to some new evidence alongside the help of the Innocent Project.

Like you, I'm on here looking for a meaningful relationship. I want a lady who is goal oriented and devoted to building a foundation based on friendship and honesty, leading to love. You will get the love I've been waiting to shower on someone real!

So, are you the one? Are you ready for this journey of writing letters with our goal of creating something real? If so, why should we waste one more moment? Let us make this connection!