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I am a fun and laid-back guy. I enjoy making people laugh and you will realize that quickly. I am a very caring person which makes me very easy to talk to. I am a devoted father of three so family means a lot to me.

I am looking for friends while I am here and hopefully connections that I can take home with me. I am not looking for anything serious right now but who knows where things could go. I enjoy singing, writing music, reading, and word games.

I play basketball, and video games and work out to pass the time. I am a very spontaneous and hardworking guy. I worked construction when I was home and hope to get back to it when I am released. I prefer Jpay/Securus for communication. My DOC # is 295627. You have to send me a message on Securus/JPay first for me to be able to send you one and have a conversation.

I am not my charge but you will know that as you get to know me. I took a plea deal to try to get home to my kids faster. If you know anything about the Kentucky court system this is what they make look like the best option for you so you take the charge.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.