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Pen pal sites...I never thought I would find myself on one of these. What are the rules? Are people using pronouns on here? If we are gonna play that game then "I identify as a person that sees people for what they are." And nobody wants to be with a momma's boy that can't fix things around the house. Okay no pronouns and no momma's boys, I'm good there.

What about the truth, is that a rule? I can do that. I am a 38 year old father of a 16 year old superstar/angel/entrepreneurial/emotional mess, and proud of it. I also have four step daughters that I helped raise. I grew up in a rough neighborhood on the east side of Phoenix Az, school of the hard knocks and all that... I am 6' tall 195 lbs and in great shape. I'm currently in college and have been for the last two years. (undoing bad habits).

I am so optimistic it makes some people sick. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. I'm intuitive, understanding, loving, tough, and I do dishes, sometimes... Lol. I love to help cook! I feel that in a relationship things should be equal, fair, tackling the hard things together. I'm a grab life and situations by the reigns kind of guy. No bum here, I get up, get out and get things done.

I have plans of starting a business when I get out, probably in construction (my major is in business management). I don't even have to imagine how many idiots the women on this site have to flip through because I live with many of them, but there are some good men in here, and I am one that is worth spending time on.

You can email me directly on my tablet via the Securus App.