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What I’m here for, and what I’m looking for: I’m looking for someone motivated and ambitious, a grinder. Someone I can learn from, who is also willing to learn from me. That iron sharpens iron type relationship. Good conversation matters, even looks can mean something, but a grinder whose loyal/consistent means everything.

I love to listen, so talkers are welcomed. I enjoy watching people grow, so I’m supportive and encouraging. I’m here for friendships but open to having my mind changed, even though I’m skeptical. Took me 8 years to finally sign up. But I’m willing to learn you, while you learn me and see what happens.

Most importantly, time in here is getting short. I will home next year. Looking forward to having someone special to come home too. Whether it's a friendship or something more. Anything you wanna know ask. Wanna see me, I’ll send videos and vice versa.

Shoot me a letter or email me via my email carrier listed below.