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My name is Michael Gilmore Jr. 

I'm from Washington, Indiana. I'm currently incarcerated at Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution and my expected release date is June of 2026. I have three kids and two grandchildren. 

I enjoy riding Harley's, riding 4-wheelers, and hunting - pretty much anything to do with the outdoors and physical activity. While in prison, I am using my time productively by working at Unicor sewing shirts for the army. When I'm not working, I am doing schoolwork for substance abuse counseling so that when I am released, I can start up sober living houses for men and women who are getting out of jails and prisons. I want to do something productive with my life besides being in these places.

I also want to explore the country and do things like skydiving, cliff climbing, and just jumping on my Harley for a long trip. These are things my kids and grandkids would like to do, and I want to have fun with them. I want to surround myself with positive people. What are some things you would like to do and places you would like to see? Maybe we could do them together. I'm looking for genuine friendship/relationship and it doesn't matter your ethnicity. 

I look forward to hearing from you.