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Barry Bledsoe 195846 photo

Hi, my name is Barry, but my nickname is Bless. I'm a soldier at heart and very loyal to those that I consider my friend. I'm the type of guy to give the shirt off my back and jump in head first to help someone.

I seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding above all things so I can better understand the workings of the universe. I'm both book and street smart. My life has been like a movie; I've been on one wild adventure, and unfortunately, I wound up in prison in a state and place I'm not even from. So, it's been rough and lonely for me at times. But I do what a rolling stone does best, and I can rock out anywhere. With a healthy body and a healthy mind, I'm getting stronger every day.

I want to make long-lasting friendships, sharing knowledge and experiences. "Who knows," I may just be that long-lost knight you've been searching for. Because even though I'm labeled a bad boy, I know how to be good and kind to others. I have a huge heart.

I love the Marvel movies. One of my spirit animals is the red-tail hawk, and my favorite Bible verses are Psalms 23 and 91. There's so much more to the mystery of who I am as a man that you'll have to write me to find out more.

-You ready to lead; Ready to follow; Never quit; Be someone special.