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My name is Clint-Registe. I am a black male born in the Caribbean islands but have resided in Anchorage, Alaska for the majority of my life. I am an American citizen. I am 5'8" and stocky with 9 ether hair and rubian attributes. I am incarcerated on charges of negligent homicide, a sad case of an accident, and felon in possession.

I joined this site looking for a female friend as open-minded as myself who doesn't mind communicating on different levels of frequencies. I am a great listener and very capable of communicating myself. I am an artist in the true sense of the word. I appreciate art and create great art. Foremost, I love to write. I write poetry and have even gone as far as to host my own poetry events and open at Def Jam Diet Pertry Sam's Pinot religious, in more pro-righteousness.

I read a lot and respect everybody's belief in their walk of life, though I do lean towards the teachings of the Nation of Gods + Earths. 50 Shades of my character but if lovingly simple because I know self.