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My name is Drew'L, like Joel Drew-Lin. I'm 35 years old, Puerto Rican Italian from the Bronx, NYC. Communication is key to building. I'm looking for a friend, a business partner, maybe even a wife/queen. I have plans to come home and start my own roofing company. I also write music about my life. We can get to this business together. In a relationship, I want a lady who can match my hustle and drive.

I was most recently living in Hartford, CT. I have family in CT and NY. When my abuela passed away a few years back, a lot changed, that was my heart. I come home next summer, and I only want positive energy to ground me. I love to make money, enjoy living life, cooking, vacations, shopping, etc.

You can message me through the Securus Mobile app. All you need is my name, inmate number, and jail.