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Hi, I go by Kricket. I am a down to earth STRAIGHT male; sorry but in today’s times you have to make sure that is known. I am in here for DWI and was given time as I have over 3 of them.

I enjoy fishing, hunting and dancing. I am currently in college studying literature and philosophy. I am absolutely drama-free to the fullest extent and have outgrown all craziness. I am the type of guy that values and enjoys listening to the other person aside from talking over them. I respect people regardless of race, religion or creed. I truly believe that there are still people out there looking for the same thing that I am.

My apologies in advance because I don’t have any “game” or “smooth sayings” that I am sure some of these guys use to hustle or trick women. My intentions are only pure and I don’t request anymore than a response. Just ask me anything as I am an open book.

I hope this ad intrigues you and you take a moment to respond. Please make sure to include your address and a picture if you choose to respond. If not, have a good day and thank you for your potential interest.