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Preferences: A Mature Woman willing to do video visits.

My intention with this post is to find a Mature Woman to communicate with, including video visits. Blessedly, I have an amazing support system so commissary is not something I need, nor will I ask for or expect.

Black Male / 45 years old / Christian / Life-Sentence
From Hampton, VA
Retired Army Major
Bachelor's and Master's Degrees (NSU & AMU)
Finding Hope & Purpose in Pursuing a Ph.D. related to mental health neglect (lack of mental health services) impact on recidivism/re-offense rates.
I am also an avid reader and writer with a few impending literary pursuits, including a vast collection of poetry mostly under the pseudonym COLLIN X. JACKSON III.
I also founded a nonprofit (TF CXJ III) that promotes Mental Health Awareness and Inmate Written Communication Skills.

***If I could only say one thing that I long for, it is to physically be there for my three children. They keep my heart vigorously pumping 24/7.

Favorite Quotes:
With gratitude, optimism is sustainable." ~Michael J. Fox
No matter how life-changing your greatest hit or miss may be, neither even begins to define who you really are." ~Colin Powell

There are a couple of articles out there I am quoted in:
-Unlocking Potential Through the Humanities by Kelsey Bartlett [Virginia Tech]
-River North H.O.P.E. Discussion Group Program [Virginia Prison Justice Network Newsletters #71 and #67]
There are also a couple of mental health-related Washington Post articles that were published at the time of my sentencing (2020).