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Hi! I'm Craig. I was born and raised in New Jersey but have lived most of my life in Minnesota. I'm an on-air radio DJ and do voice-overs for TV commercials. I also spin real vinyl records, mostly epic trance. I'm looking for a girl who loves Jesus and wants a compassionate and loving guy. I'm a huge fan of fast cars and crotch rockets. I enjoy jogging, playing tennis, and swimming.

My goal is to get back into Christian radio once I'm released. I know the Bible very well, and like many who love the Lord, I have had my times of drifting away from the church to pursue worldly joys and distractions. All of my crimes are DUIs, and I am thankful that I never hurt anyone or myself. I have been sober for 12 years after being a severe alcoholic and almost dying multiple times.

But enough about me. How is life treating you? What are you passionate about? I'd love to know everything about you. I'm looking for a sweet pen pal to share our lives together. Feel free to ask me anything. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I hope you do too!