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Hello, my name is Billy. I am incarcerated in Colorado. I am looking to find or even explore a relationship with someone who is open, caring, charismatic, funny, and would like to share myself and life with this person. I enjoy the outdoors, love dogs (American Bullies), and I like cars. I owned my own custom body shop where I was able to restore old rusty cars, bikes, and trucks to their former beauty. I was convicted of murder; however, I am fighting that. It was accidental, and God willing, I will be vindicated soon.

-Note from Billy's friend - I just wanted to give a woman's perspective. I met Billy through my husband, and they have known each other for a very long time. Billy is one of the most genuine, caring, and selfless people I know. He is always looking out for those he loves. He is a fiercely protective person. He is also very smart! I enjoy conversations with him, as they are never dull. When he is passionate about something, he puts his entire heart into it. I hope that when you read his profile, you feel inclined to give him a chance, even if it's just in friendship. He can only respond through mail, so please leave your address if you send him a Jpay. I hope that Billy finds the connection he deserves.