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You can contact me best on my tablet by downloading the (GettingOut message app & Gettingout video visit.
My Booking Number is BH6899. I'm housed at the facility listed below.

I'm looking for a solid individual with a strong mindset that's capable of handling this situation at hand. Being the anchor to this ship holding it down at all times, especially while I'm away. This current position I'm in is only temporary and will be shortly over but loyalty is forever & will never fade.

Throughout this time I have been incarcerated. I've experienced enough pain, abandonment, and betrayal that's left me with no tolerance for games and immaturity. I'm searching for someone genuine, caring, outgoing, and beautiful. Someone who's not judgemental can accept me for me. I'm not perfect, I do have my flaws. I'll match your energy in every category. I'm confident in my performance in every way!

Behind every man, there's a woman of strength. No man is complete without a woman and no woman is complete without a righteous man. I need someone who's mentally, physically, and financially stable enough to complete me and be my better half.

So if this is you I would love to see if there is any form of chemistry that can be discovered between us. Chances make champions baby, let's see what beautiful things we could accomplish together.