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As I prepare for my release within the next couple of years, I'm focusing on improving myself both mentally and physically. My days are spent researching everything I can about successfully opening and running my own landscaping business upon release. Being a single father, I have more than just myself to be responsible for, and I am determined to provide a good life for my family. Despite the mistakes that led me to prison, this time has given me the opportunity to clear my mind and refocus on what matters most.

I enjoy spending time outdoors and participating in motorsports. During my free time, I like camping, hunting, and hanging out with family. Physical fitness and my faith hold great importance to me as I strive to live a balanced and healthy life. My three strongest qualities are loyalty, being a great father, and being a hard worker. I am highly ambitious and goal-oriented, and my determination has helped me persevere through the many struggles I have faced in life.

I joined this website to make new social connections and open myself up to new opportunities. If you would like to get to know me, the easiest way to contact me is through Alternatively, you can write me at the address listed below.