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Hello, my name is Durrell everyone calls me Rell. I'm from Detroit, MI. I'm 38. I'm serving a 50-100 sentence for 2nd-degree murder. I was involved in a fistfight and a man lost his life. I am fighting for my freedom back, from this unfortunate incident, and I pray daily for forgiveness from his family and God, it truly was not intentional.

I can use any and all legal help. I am hoping to find a good friend on my road to redemption to give moral support, advice, or just a listening ear. Someone with good energy, and realness & believes prison lives matter also. I have a huge sense of humor and I am a very chilled person. I always considered myself as an old soul, laid back, understanding, music, etc. I like fixing and restoring cars and houses. I'm not hard to get along with, if you need a person like me in your life, here I stand.