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I am a 65-year-old Jewish former real estate developer and investor, originally from New York. After 40 years of running successful businesses, I got greedy, made some dumb decisions, and wound up in prison for securities fraud.

I have served four years of a 25-year sentence, although with good time and First Step Act credits, I will serve a lot less. I have also filed a motion with the court for a reduction in sentence, and with any luck, I hope to be out sooner.

My mistakes have cost me dearly. I lost my wife, whom I loved very much, who left me shortly after I was arrested. I lost most of my friends, and my political connections have disappeared. (I was a fundraiser for the Republican Party.) I lost most of my family, who stopped speaking to me.

I spend my days reading mostly biographies and history. I play chess, watch the stock market on TV, and read the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This keeps me busy.

I miss being in love and taking care of my friends and family. I miss seeing my nieces and nephews grow up.

I also miss traveling. In the outside world, I spent weeks every year circling the globe. I miss the opera, Broadway, and concerts. I miss the Musée d'Orsay, the Met, and MOMA. I miss playing golf. And, of course, I miss fine dining and my favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.

Being in prison is tougher, I think, for a first-time offender whose biggest crime previously was a speeding ticket.

I have never had to advertise for a friend before and originally laughed at the idea. However, being around men and not having any contact with women for four years makes me very lonely. So, under the circumstances, I decided to give this a try.

Would you like to be my friend?