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Ian Green 13-A-3409 photo
Ian Green 13-A-3409 photo 2

I'm not your average person doing time in jail; Lavishment is my cue. I work out, meditate on the phone, listen to music, get money, and get fly. I'm cool, calm, and laid back, always willing to learn something new. I live a lifestyle where I've got to stay ahead and not get left behind at home. It's all about growth and development, making money, and bettering myself at all costs. I take pride in motivating, uplifting, and elevating anyone I can in any way.

I'm a strong-minded man and I want a strong-minded woman behind me, someone to match my energy and fly. Our aura has to complement each other. I need a boss and a beauty; I'm all about being on the same level together. I need a loyal friend, someone who's about their business. I want to make someone feel alive again and bring out the best in them. I want to bring some kind of spark and excitement into their life. I want to show someone a different life.