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Hi, my name is Juan and I'm happy to say that if your reading my intro then that means I'm doing something

Anyways, here are something's about me...I like to do bead work and draw. I also like playing sports (it doesn't matter what sport it is I will go play and win lol). My favorite movies and shows to watch are comedies. I enjoy anything that can make me laugh When I have free time, I like to relax and listen to music. (Rap, R&B, and Reggaeton) are my top genres to listen to.

The most rewarding achievement I have accomplished was building my mom's house in Mexico by hand from the ground up (the best feeling ever... lol). In the future I would like to own my own business and buy another house by the beach.

Some would say I'm funny and chill which is true. I do consider myself to be a funny guy lol. So, I hope you're ready to laugh.

I'm here because I want to meet new people and enjoy new company,so if you're ready to explore then contact me on

Thank you.