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I'm Charles, and my pen name is "Saint Study" because that is where my heart and mind reside – in study. I dedicate a significant part of my life to studying. Most of my time outside of studying is spent writing. I have books that I'm eager to publish, and I've developed curriculum for programs that I'm looking forward to implementing and teaching. Additionally, I have plans for a non-profit organization that is guaranteed to help many people.

I am a prolific writer, particularly in verse. I've been writing poetry since 1985, initially as a response to heartbreak. I consider myself a romantic, and I am known for being attentive, honest, and loyal to a fault.

I make these promises to you:

  • I will write poems and notes about how you make me feel and how you make me a better person.
  • I will use every available means of communication to compile a perpetual love letter for you.
  • I will find inspiration in your every word and action.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to connect further.