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Hello, my name is Ashley. My friends call me Strawberry!  I have long, flowing beautiful hair. I am bodacious and curvy. I have green eyes and am 5'3" and 135 lbs.

I love to laugh and keep good conversation...I am open minded and have a positive attitude. I am energetic, outgoing, spontaneous, and athletic. I listen to all genres of music. I enjoy working out, drawing, and reading a good book to pass my time productively.

I stay focused that this to shall pass but I want help. I am looking for someone to share my ups, downs and in betweens with.  Someone who can hold a healthy conversation. Someone who will listen, laugh, and be a positive influence.

Someone I can laugh with and we can brighten our days together. Someone who is dependable and I can count on and maybe grow into something deeper.

If I spike your interest, please feel free to contact me and leave your number and email address in your letter or message! 

(I am incarcerated in Wisconsin though our mail goes through a mail service in Maryland.)