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Shout out to all the happy beautiful people out there! I hope you are having a great day. Don’t worry I’m not here to rob you LOL! I can’t guarantee I won't steal yo pretty lil heart tho HAHAHA . I am recruiting a partner in crime to steal each other's time LOL. Okay to be real it would be really amazing to meet someone like myself that I can be myself with. I know it’s a lot to ask someone to connect with somebody in prison, but I would be very appreciative if you would give friendship with me a try.

I’m actually quite interesting, there’s a lot more to me than my light caramel skin tone and my fit-tatted-up body LMAO. I do value honesty and I love playfulness, but maturity also. I’m very outgoing and spontaneous, like randomly one day I might be making a video on one of the social media platforms while shopping for groceries at the store lmao. I love to network and work hard creativity is a part of my personality, I stay with fresh ideas and goals to better myself as I grow as a person.

To be honest I’ve been in prison since I was 19 years old I’ve watched 7 years go by before my eyes, that time made me more hungry to pursue my dreams even more. I am seeing parole next month and am super excited for all the new opportunities that await me. I love to travel, learn new languages, tattoo people, work on sports bikes, and run cross country etc.

I have been raised hands-on in different traits and experienced a little of the countryside maybe we could learn something new from each other, so I promise I won’t be too boring, LOL. With that, I’m going to close this introduction and I wish you the best.

- Valentino-

PS You can set up an account to send me a text to my tablet through my email carrier listed below.