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Hello, my name is Stanley. Born and raised in Trenton, N.J. I'm a Taurus, 6'1" tall, very handsome, light-skinned, shy, funny, and sweet. I'm presently incarcerated in a New Jersey correctional facility. I enjoy reading, writing, some poems, lecturing, and I'd love to travel more. I appreciate movies, music, and cooking, whether dining in or out.

My expectation is to correspond with anyone, regardless of race. If I could select the qualities that would make a good corresponding female friend, it would be someone with a good sense of humor, education, down-to-earth, someone who's always looking for the best in everything and everyone. Someone who would always have time to listen or offer support with endless patience and understanding. Someone who would never make you feel afraid to be yourself. Someone who would offer gentle wisdom without passing any judgment. Someone who would not see the world in black and white but rather look to all the shades of gray to find tolerance for differences in it.

If I could select the qualities that would make a good friend, I would look for a genuine, good woman whose very presence would improve the quality of life.

Contact me at or Sign up for a free account, free mobile app, or Android, iPhone. Thank you for reading my profile.