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Travis Zukic 21-B-1764 photo

Hello, I'm Travis. I am currently in Attica, but I hail from Buffalo. I am looking to establish positive connections on the outside with great people like you.

While incarcerated, I am finishing the college education that I started but didn't complete, as well as pursuing other skills and hobbies including a vocation, understanding the Russian language, drawing, and music. I enjoy reading, mostly fiction but I like history as well. I've always lived by learning something new every day, and being in here has not changed that. While it's a bit harder to stay current on music, I still enjoy that as well.

There is beauty everywhere we look if we pause to appreciate it. Whether it's a rainstorm or creating soap operas for the gophers living on the grounds, it can be found here as well. I believe that we are not defined by the mistakes we have made or accidents we encounter in life, but rather how we pick ourselves up and change. I can still be the best version of me from the inside, and I hope I can be a positive influence in others' lives as well.

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you soon. (I apologize for the photo - I'm working on getting a better one).