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Ladies, Meet Troy Pesina (Aka Clumsy, T-Roy). I am the ex-girlfriend of this funny, hardworking, loyal, loving, old school, and chivalrous man. He is just recently single as I have chosen to move on with my life. I just can't wait anymore (7 Months) to be exact. I have found someone else. I'm posting him because he deserves to have someone who can match his energy, love, loyalty, and personality! So here is a little bit about him.

Troy took me out every weekend, dinners, movies, walks, etc. He was the kind to always open doors for me. He loves to have long conversations about literally anything from politics to everyday life. He loves kids and is the best role model. He's drama-free and loves to laugh and have a good time. Troy prioritizes communication and honesty, especially in our relationship. He's a hard worker and specializes in construction, and he is also a religious man. I hope you ladies take the time to get to know him and give him the love and dedication I couldn't give him, that he really deserves. He swept me off my feet, and I know he will sweep you off yours. I know whoever he ends up with will have hit the jackpot with him. I know he can't wait to hear from you, so please feel free to e-message him on Securus, and also feel free to send him letters!