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Hello there. Your time is a valuable asset, so please allow me to be curt. A major life goal is to communicate and connect, right? My sole aim is to provide you thought-provoking, in-depth conversation. We can write each other letters, discuss alternative realities, read books together, talk on the phone, and message back and forth. (What else would you expect?????) Be it as it may, I offer companionship.

We're all icebergs with most of our true selves hiding underneath the surface. I try not to judge because most of us are just trying our best to stay afloat. I am certainly a better person now than I was 9 years ago, and there's always room for improvement. I'm finishing my AA degree, I stay outta trouble, I love learning new languages, and I'm into playing sports and living healthily. Don't be afraid to say "hi!"

You can message by downloading the phone "" app. (Obviously, I can't call until I have your number.) Or you can write a letter. Your choice, your freedom.