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Kyeron Bennett J67330 photo

Lady, find a way to come play with me, come kick it with me, and let's do the jam thing. Let me be your motivation and motivate you to have fun with me. Let's get serious real fast to start an exciting life of letter writing. Let's get to know each other real quick to start pleasing each other to the fullest because we have only one life to live, so we need to start enjoying life as soon as possible and make our time count so that both of us are happy and feeling each other to the max.

I look forward to corresponding with Asian, White, Hispanic, Mexican, Latinas, Puerto Rican, Armenian, Chinese, and any place ladies that are feeling me. I'm a rapper. I love rapping, and I like writing poetry. I also enjoy playing basketball and watching movies on my tablet. Yes, I have a tablet, and my tablet has video games and music on it. I love listening to music and writing raps. My tablet has a phone on it, and the calls are free, so I can call you free of charge. Ms. Lady, come play with me, Kyeron Bennett, as soon as possible.