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I've been down for over ten years, a direct result of leading a drug-wrecked lifestyle and a stubborn refusal to let go of codependent abusive relationships. I've tried to learn from my mistakes and grow as an individual. I have under two years left. I don't have much of an outside support system left. Most people I knew have abandoned me, ghosted me, or passed on, while I continue to survive.

I avoid contact and socialization with the herd of incorrigible reprobates I'm surrounded by, and I try to use my time constructively. I write a lot, and you can find my blog through Google. I practice electric guitar extensively. I read a lot of horror, science fiction, books on music, and philosophy. I'm heavily into music, especially Black, Doom, Grind, Death metal, and some post-punk/industrial and experimental genres. Basically, anything interesting, heavy, and underground. I recorded, released, and performed a lot of harsh noise and power electronics prior to my arrest. You can search my name on for more info on my output.

I play my Switch a lot as well. I'm addicted to Dark Souls and Nocturne. I'm a cat person and like cats more than most people. I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.

Any communication, support, and solidarity from like-minded individuals would be greatly appreciated.

You can use to email me directly.