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George Prentiss 0806796 photo

I'm seeking a penpal so that I may get some mail at mail time and communicate with people on the outside. I'm interested in making friends. I'm very open to anyone willing to write me. I would genuinely enjoy your letters, and developing real friendships outside the prison lifestyle.

To pass the time I watch TV, write love songs, and listen to R&B, Motown, Classic Rock, and Blue Grass music. I also like to draw pictures of people's faces and lift weights.

As for some of my good qualities, I'm loyal, kind, confident, respectful, have a good sense of humor, and enjoy a good laugh. I'm also a likable guy; hopefully you will agree also.

Things I like in other people: honesty, caring, forgiving. Things I dislike in other people: hatred, racism, and ignorance in general.

I look forward to learning all about you, and your life on the outside. Write me a letter and send along a picture of yourself.

George Prentiss

P.S. I am incarcerated in Iowa though our mail is through a service in Nevada.