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Been in prison a long time, working to get out. I work a lot and spend most of the rest of my time in my cell alone. Its less hectic that way, I'm new to the medium security level after two decades in high security prisons, and I don't like the social dramas and aggressive personalities eager to prove themselves, especially under the influence of whatever...

I'm winding down my prison term, hopefully about twenty more months, and I'm wanting to meet new people and build relationships I can carry into my life outside of prison. I'm outgoing, intelligent, well read, moral and ethical, industrious and always seeking to gain more education.

I don't smoke or use drugs, very rarely drink, and I workout an eat right to stay fit and fool people into thinking I'm under 40 if I can! Lol

I have read over a thousand books so I can talk about anything and I'm an open book myself, so be careful what you ask, lest the answer be too much for you.

Favorites include Yankee Rose, coolhand Luke, A7X, Metallica, Bob saginowski, the wizard of oz, gone with the wind, the grapes of wrath,doja cat, Khalid , and The Weeknd.

Hit me up by mail or on my tablet, I have "getting out" by GTL/viapath.