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Hello from behind the Wall.

My name is Gabe, I'm 30 years old, mixed half Black half Filipino. I'm from Chicago but grew up in Dallas. Even though I'm locked up 'carrying the metal around', I hold true to the belief that things don't happen to us, but for us. So I stand here in this dark place (for now) just trying to hold my light steady. (I'll explain more later.)

I'm here with an ear, looking to relate and exchange in mind and spirit. I know and understand fully that we're probably moving at different speeds and my clock ticks differently. But slow motion beats no motion and still, life can be beautiful, and a bridge built over the many barricades that lie between two people can also be beautiful...

Writing (snail mail) is a lost art, we'll explore it together. But if that's not your thing (it is 2023 after-all) then you can drop a few lines on an e-message via >Taylor County >Gabriel Hall... Hit me up, I've been thinking of you...