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I'm just your average Joe who's made a mistake in life and learning to live with the reality of that mistake. I've grown from a 18 year old boy into this principled, dependable, independent man I am today. I value the relationships I build above all because I come from a broken home and I'm no stranger to a broken heart. I learned the hard way to be humble and to accept my short comings and through every life lesson I've grown stronger but more comfortable with my vulnerability. 

I understand the difficulties that come with getting to know someone in my position which can be multiplied when your love language is touch. I am worth the fight. My hope is to find someone mature but still in touch with their inner child. I want someone sensual and flirty, someone that's stable and can hold a conversation. If you're that somebody, maybe we should be friends and see where things go. 

The best way to contact me is through add me and send me a message. I just might be your best friend or maybe even your person.