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Hi! My name is Zack! I could be modest and say I don't know how to describe myself, but I do quite well actually...I think I have a large personality and lots of energy, big goals, and even bigger dreams. I'm very active, play soccer (real football!), exercise, and treat my body like the castle it is. I speak Spanish well enough, love other cultures, and people different than me, and want to travel one day.

Love my sisters fiercely even more than coffee and my books! Hopelessly romantic for sure, confident physically and mentally, and a bit of a geek! I procrastinate sometimes, am picky about smells and hygiene, and try to be as transparent and honest as I can be. I mess up sometimes but there are worse things to be! I have a good taste for humor, a sense of fashion, and a discerning mind, I can cook and certainly know how to eat! I could add more. I'm well-spoken and express myself in good fashion, but I know how to stop and listen and would love to hear more about you and your passions!

I venture to find genuine friendship, one where we can laugh about anything, talk about everything, and hold back nothing. I go home this year but I want to exchange pictures and phone calls, build real memories and plans...a real connection that goes beyond prison, for friendship, and maybe more. No complications or drama, just trust and escape, all drenched in authenticity. If you're looking for the same thing, I'd love to hear from you!