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Hello World!

You've made an excellent choice by clicking on my page, especially if you're looking for a fresh, exciting experience. I can guarantee you there will never be a dull moment dealing with me. As you can see, I still wear a smile on my face because I haven't allowed prison to steal my joy, my sense of humor, nor my sense of self. I love meeting new people and hearing their life experiences because the funny thing is once you compare most of your differences with a person, you realize just how similar in nature you both are. I'm looking to create an everlasting vibe with someone, so being connected mentally is imperative.

I could've created a laundry list of my likes/dislikes, my attributes, my accomplishments, talents, etc. But I feel as though that would defeat the purpose and the process of you contacting me and getting to know me personally.

Sharing a good vibe and having a fun experience with someone is cool, but I'm most definitely in pursuit of my freedom too, so I welcome any and all legal advice and assistance. Regardless of whether you write me or not, please go to Quest for Freedom and lend your signature to my online petition.


Edward Combs