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What's up, y'all? My name is Andrew, but everyone calls me Drew. The reason why I'm on here is that I'm trying to make new friends and connect with people on a more positive level. My goals when I get out are to flip cars and houses and get my GED as well. All I ask is that if you hit me up, have a sense of humor and be real at all times, no matter what.

So now let me tell you a little about myself. I'm very outgoing and love to laugh. Most of the people I know say I should be a comedian. I love fashion and can dress with the best of them. I love music, especially rap, country, and R&B. I'm real big on family. Some of my favorite pastimes are playing with my kids and dogs, and I love to cook. I also love working out because it makes me feel good.

My dislikes are people that lie and people with no sense of humor. So if you like what you see and hear, hit me up. You won't be disappointed.